Decorative Window Grills

Window Grills

What’s another way to decorate your house, especially your windows? Except for colourful paints and window panes, you can add attractiveness to your house by attaching decorative window grills. Nowadays, there are a thousand of manufacturers that offer different styles and designs of decorative window grills for your home. You can choose a flower design, a bean-stalk design, a diamond design, or even the simpler ones like the basic flat rounded bars.

Decorative window grills are primarily made for protection. It has come a long way though. Some homeowners would prefer window grills that will look good on their houses while giving proper security. Thus, window security grills are sometimes called decorative window grills.

Here are some types of window grilles:

True Divided Light (TDL) is a type of window grill usually in old households and historic structural design. This window grill style forms a structure in the window with individual, small glass pieces. The framework that holds the panes could be a wood or steel. Advantage of this type of window grill is that when one panel is broken, all you need to do is replace the panel.

Between-the-Glass, this is a type of window grill that is energy efficient, which looks like that of a divided light. Two panels of glass with the grills divided between them comprise this window grills. Advantage of this window grill is that it is not difficult to clean the interior and exterior without the stress of the grille breaking.

Wrought Iron and Steel, is another type of window security grille that is initially used for security. Nowadays, it offers various kind of style – a vertical pattern that divides the entire panel into square equal parts, spikes propped by parallel bars that run horizontal and simple bars that divide the window in three large parts or more. Some striking options include decorative window grills that made to look like flowers and leaves, different shapes such as hearts and diamonds, and bars with twists and swirls.

Patterns are another type of decorative window grills that are noticeable in a lot of different houses. It can be in SDL (Simulated Divided Light) or TDL. These are usually used alongside huge picture windows, or if you do not want to ruin the backdrop with a window grill.

Snap On is a type of decorative window grills that are removable and require effortless cleaning. The style is inside and is latched on by small nails that barely break the exterior of the external frame. These types of decorative window grills are replaceable to suit the style of the homeowner.

And lastly, the Simulated Divided Light (SDL) is a type of decorative window grill that fits its pieces on the inside and outside of a pane window. It creates an illusion of TDL. These are permanent decoration attached on the outside of the window. This is very similar to TDL but offers energy efficiency to the panels.

With all these decorative window grill styles, it is not hard to choose what suits best your taste and your home design. Although for protection and decoration purposes, Wrought and Iron Steel are best recommended. The important thing is, find window grills that are both easy to attach and disassemble in times of immediate evacuation. If not planned out properly, decorative window grills can be a savior and a threat.